Welcome to Unifloor India

Flexibility is becoming more important every day. Not only for your people, but also for your building. With a raised floor, you create a modular space: whichever design you may choose, it can quickly be implemented. Materials and coverings will depend on your wishes and requirements. If you’re building a Date center or a server room, a warehouse or a laboratory, our raised access floor systems are completed according to your technical and aesthetic needs.
Unifloor Raised Access Floors offers you a wide range – with personal advice. Steel Cementitious Core, Chipboard (wood core) or calcium sulphate floors. With various load models, complete interchangeability with our systems, Unifloor panels coupled with an extensive selection of under-structure supports and floor finishes are suitable for a wide range of applications from typical data/computer centers, server / telecommunication rooms, mission critical facilities, assembly areas, and general purpose office and equipment applications

Global Network

Unifloor is a global brand with its origins in India. We are always at the forefront of the construction procedures and specialized machinery for each of the construction processes, benefiting the customer cost and time.

Our Expertise

Large Assembly Line Production

Our team of design engineers work with a factories that contains the right combination of manual and automated processes to make excellent products according to your needs. Our process design, mechanical build and integration teams have designed, built and installed raised floors for some of the largest companies in the world

Turnkey Projects

Inserting new technology and processes into every installation is one of our specialties. Working from your design to our site installation, we will oversee the entire project of mechanical build, floor design and build, and integration. Our project management team will ensure that your raised floor will be installed with zero disruption to your execution plan.

Solid Built

Unifloor designs, builds, integrates, installs and supports the systems to exceed your expectations. We define our success in terms of our customers’ success, leading to business relationships that last for decades. With all engineering disciplines horizontally aligned, our raised floors are intelligently engineered to deliver efficiency, functional flexibility and design versatility that is Built-To-Last.

Ongoing Support

We’ll just come right out and say it: we think our client support is the best in the industry. Forging lasting connections is the foundation of our company, and we’re pretty passionate about ensuring you feel treasured as a client and a friend. That means we have the basics covered: telephone, email and fax support, as well as client-only on site support for critical areas. There’s a reason why Unifloor is the most trusted raised floor for architects,  businesses, and enterprises around the world.

Unifloor has been India’s number 1 choice for  Data Centers, Telecom rooms & general purpose offices since 2001 and a glimpse of our select clients is a testimonial to our commitment.