Unifloor Seal brushed floor grommets are designed to close any cable exit from the raised floor in a Data Center. These airflow management products improve plenum air pressure and reduce bypass airflow.

Energy Efficient – 40% of total energy costs of any data centre are due to cooling. Small and simple thermal improvements create significant functional and cost savings – all with low investment costs and return from investment within 3-6 months. Cool balance consists of a ABS plastic frame containing nylon brushes and a specially integrated internal barrier that seamlessly wraps around cables and other equipment that is inserted through the openings in the data centre raised floor. The opening sealed means that no valuable cooled air can escape. This clever but simple solution can increase the efficiency of your datacentre cooling, and increase the effectiveness of your cooling systems and result in significant energy savings.

Unifloor grommets
The Unifloor Seal brushed floor grommets helps prevent air loss in plenum cooled floors when access holes are required for cable routing through the floor.

It Seals cable openings with an overlapping brush cover which prevents under-floor contamination. Designed with a removable back brush that allows for great versatility when floor tiles need to be removed. The brushes seal the floor openings, preventing debris from entering the air plenum and causing damage to sensitive computer room or mission critical electronic equipment.


  • Provided with an integrated trim to save labor from cutting individual trim fittings.
  • Allows flexibility and simplicity in cable routing.
  • Flame retardant ABS polycarbonate material provides a finished look on all raised floor panels,
  • Solid construction and the textured surface compliments all floor coverings.
  • Installation is simple and inexpensive.
  • Includes mounting hardware and cutout template.
  • Relocating the Unifloor grommet is also simple and inexpensive.
  • The overlapping brushes in Unifloor Seal brushed floor grommets unique design allow flexibility and simplicity in cable routing.


Choose the Unifloor Seal brushed floor grommets when making new installations in your data center to maximize your energy efficiency.