Clean room AL Series

This access floor system consists of complete die cast aluminum components that are typically used in hi-tech environments such as biomedical, microelectronic, pharmaceutical and laboratory facilities.

Clean room AL Series aluminium panel offer with very high mechanical resistance and is damp – and liquid-resistant, incombustible and non-magnetic. The combination of solid and perforated panels allows the air to circulate as required for clean rooms.

The system is compatible with a full array of understructure and installation applications.

Unifloor AlTech



• Die cast aluminum panels meet class A fire rating
Contains no ferrous materials to disrupt magnetic fields
Conductive gasket ensures continuous conductivity
Excellent rolling load performance
Light weight for ease of handling
Choice of panel coatings: PVC Vinyl, Epoxy powder coat

Clean Rooms
Data Centers


For use in areas where extremely heavy loads are to be placed. The unique lattice structure of these aluminum panels enables weight to be distributed in an optimum way so as to support manufacturing equipment. The precision afforded by each panel allows for excellent accessibility and interchangeability when needed – yet they are durable and strong enough to withstand the concentrated loads found in semiconductor cleanrooms and other manufacturing environments. These panels comply to the European Standard EN12825 and are tested in accordance to the EN 13501. The standard dimension is 600x600 mm, but upon request, other dimensions are available.
Panel Grade Point Load (Kg) Ultimate Load (kN) Impact Load (Kg) Rolling Load 10/10,000 Pass (lbs) Safety Factor Technical Data Sheet
UAL1500 670 1340 70 550 / 450 2 icon_pdf-transparent
UAL3000 1360 2720 90 900 / 1150 2 icon_pdf-transparent
*Manufacturer reserves the right to Modify specification without prior intimation.

Concentrated Load

The maximum deflection and permanent set of an access floor panel under load. When testing for a panel's concentrated load, a 25 x 25mm2 load is applied onto the surface of the panel at its weakest point. The panel deflection and permanent set is measured by recording the indentor movement.

Ultimate Load

The Maximum load applied onto the panel without failure. When testing for a panel's ultimate load, a concentrated 25 x 25mm2 load is applied onto the surface of the access floor panel and this load is increased until the panel fails structurally.

Uniform Load

Uniform load is static force equally applied over the entire area of the panel and is typically imposed by stationary furniture and equipment without legs. The uniform load rating is specified in Kgs per square metre.

Rolling Load

The durability and/or deformation of an access floor system when exposed to commercially anticipated caster traffic using a specific load. Rolling loads are defined by the number of passes, size and hardness of the wheel, and the combined weight of the cart and its contents on each wheel.

Axial Load

Axial load is a vertical load applied to the centre of the pedestal due to concentrated, rolling, uniform and other loads applied to the surface of the access floor panel that is transferred to the pedestal.