The Unifloor Quadaire  fan assisted system offers direct cooling to those hard to cool areas where clusters of high-density servers have created hotspots. Adjustable controls allow multiple settings of air-flow depending on the amount needed at any certain time. The adjustment of fan speed is made from the top of the tile to allow quick and easy fan control. Closed loop (Temperature controlled) speed control available as an option.

No downtime or movement of racks is required for the installation of a Quadaire unit and one Quadaire  can provide cooling for two or three adjacent racks. If larger areas require cooling, multiple Quadaire  units can be used at the same time.

Quadaire can be considered a “greening” solution as well. Many times data centers are kept cooler than necessary just to cool a few high density areas. This over-cooling is used to keep the hotspots under control but with a Quadaire solution in place, the overall room temperature can be increased as the Quadaire will control the individual and problematic hotspots without requiring an over-cooled data center

quadaire unifloor
Model: UF4EC200

The temperature sensor is high precision thermistor.

The temperature can be set from 20°C to 50°C.

It’s free to set the starting temperature and operating temperature from 20°C to 50°C.

The fan uses Ac stepless speed regulation.

It’s operating speed can be adjusted freely from 0% to 100%.

Communication Interface – RS485

The fan diameter is 200 mm.

Fan Specifications
Wall ring : Die Cast Aluminum
Blades : Sheet Steel, Coated in Black
Number of Blades : 7
RPM : 2250
Rating : 60,000 Hours @ 30° C
Approvals : VDE, UL, CSA, CCC, GOST
Type of protection : IP 44
Insulation Class : B
Bearings : Maintenance-Free Ball Bearings
Motor Protection : Top Wired Internally
Protection Class : I
Product Confirming
To Standards : EN 60335-1, CE