Steel Cement Core

FS Series Filled-Steel Panel System

Unifloor’s FS Series Panel system sets the standard for versatility and long term durability. The panels are a composite welded steel shell filled with cementitious core for superior foot-fall acoustics. FS panels are available unfinished or with typical data center finishes such as high pressure laminates and conductive / dissipative vinyl. FS panels are also available with a durable bare painted finish for carpet tile applications. The system is compatible with a full array of understructure and installation applications. UnifloorFStype



Our best seller, the FS-Series Panel system, is constructed of a welded structural steel assembly designed to accommodate ultimate and dynamic loads. Its specially formulated cementitious fill and powder coated epoxy finish give the FS panel a quiet and very solid feel underfoot.Available in 6 performance standards with a vast range of understructure products to accommodate your anticipated loading requirements.


Every Genuine Unifloor Panel comes with imprinted specifications to ensure that the testing, assessment and certification criteria utilized meets all the relevant quality, safety and performance standards of the product as demanded by our clients. Transparency - for others is an extra effort; for us it is a way of life.
Unifloor's lightweight Pyrogrip Non Combustible Portland Cementitious Core is created by inclusion of fire resistant micro elements in a cement based mixture. The generated foam is injected directly into flooring panels to ensure superior fire resistance, zero cavity formation and superior weight to load capacity ratio.
Our Panels are epoxy coated with Multi Layer Corroresist heavy duty, anti-corrosive resin which forms a tough abrasion resistant film that protects the substrate from moisture and chemical attack. These formulated complexes provide exceptional anti static properties and durability for even the most challenging environments.

Bare Panel for General Application

Unifloor FS Bare Panel  – for use with post installation top finishes such as anti static carpet tiles, roll-on vinyl/carpet or ceramic tiles etc., is for use in regular office areas and end to end floor plates for standard offices in IT / ITES. Unifloor Bare is offered in both Corner Lock and ESRG understructure systems and with UFAD capability on request. Typical Application Area - General Office, Classroom / Auditorium, Casinos, Exhibitions, Library, Malls Etc.

Anti Static HPL / Vinyl Panel for Data Centers

 Unifloor FS Laminated Panels are manufactured with a composite cemetitious and a galvanized steel shell precisely sized to have superior performance for data center & underfloor air applications. Panels are available in both anti static high pressure laminate or conductive vinyl finishes for specialty  applications. Meets Class 1 and Class A fire ratings. Typical Application Area -Data Centers, UPS Rooms, Server rooms, Ticketing Counters, Clean Rooms Etc.
Panel Grade Point Load (Kg/Sq Inch) Ultimate Load (Kg/Sq Inch) Uniform Load (Kg/Sqm) Rolling Load 10/10,000 Pass (Kgs) Safety Factor Technical Data Sheet
FS800 360 1080 1360 310 / 210 3 icon_pdf-transparent
FS1000 450 1350 1650 360 / 310 3 icon_pdf-transparent
FS1250 550 1650 1910 450 / 360 3 icon_pdf-transparent
FS1500 660 1980 2150 550 / 450 3 icon_pdf-transparent
FS2000 880 2200 2630 660 / 550 3 icon_pdf-transparent
FS2500 1150 2875 3110 880 / 660 3 icon_pdf-transparent
*Manufacturer reserves the right to Modify specification without prior intimation.

Concentrated Load

The maximum deflection and permanent set of an access floor panel under load. When testing for a panel's concentrated load, a 25 x 25mm2 load is applied onto the surface of the panel at its weakest point. The panel deflection and permanent set is measured by recording the indentor movement. The panel must bear applied load and not crack.

Ultimate Load

The Maximum load applied onto the panel until failure. When testing for a panel's ultimate load, a concentrated 25 x 25mm2 load is applied onto the surface of the access floor panel and this load is increased until the panel fails structurally.

Uniform Load

Uniform load is static force equally applied over the entire area of the panel and is typically imposed by stationary furniture and equipment without legs. The uniform load rating is specified in Kgs per square metre.The panel deflection and permanent set is measured by recording the indentor movement. The panel must bear applied load and not crack.

Rolling Load

The durability and/or deformation of an access floor system when exposed to commercially anticipated caster traffic using a specific load. Rolling loads are defined by the number of passes, size and hardness of the wheel, and the combined weight of the cart and its contents on each wheel.

Axial Load

Axial load is a vertical load applied to the centre of the pedestal due to concentrated, rolling, uniform and other loads applied to the surface of the access floor panel that is transferred to the pedestal.
Item Description Tender Specs Reference Image Reference Drawings
FS800 Bare Panel (FS800B) xlsxicon enlarge_icon icon_pdf-transparent
FS800 HPL Panel (FS800H) xlsxicon enlarge_icon icon_pdf-transparent
FS1000 Bare Panel (FS1000B) xlsxicon enlarge_icon icon_pdf-transparent
FS1000 HPL Panel (FS1000H) xlsxicon enlarge_icon icon_pdf-transparent
FS1250 HPL Panel (FS1250H) xlsxicon enlarge_icon icon_pdf-transparent
FS1500 HPL Panel (FS1500H) xlsxicon enlarge_icon icon_pdf-transparent
FS2000 HPL Panel (FS2000H) xlsxicon enlarge_icon icon_pdf-transparent
FS2500 HPL Panel (FS2500H) xlsxicon enlarge_icon icon_pdf-transparent
*Manufacturer reserves the right to Modify specification without prior intimation.