Unifloor’s Swirl Diffusers are engineered to create low velocity swirl discharge and high room air induction rates to optimize the stratification effect for better indoor air quality.

The Unifloor floor diffuser is designed for use in raised access floor air distribution systems, where the floor cavity is used as a pressurized supply air plenum. The core design produces a high velocity helical swirl discharge air pattern. The design achieves high induction rates of room air which optimizes mixing for maximum comfort conditions.

An architecturally appealing face design compliments any contemporary decor and is available as standard in a black and white finish.

Allowing extreme flexibility in space planning, the diffuser, once installed in the access floor panel, can be quickly relocated to accommodate changing conditions and floor layouts.


· Low Velocity, High Induction.
· Low Profile Design.
· Easy to Install and Adjust.
· Constructed from high impact polycarbonate plastic.
· Nominal size 205mm dia.
· Low profile design.
· Dust/dirt collection basket catches anything that might fall through the diffuser face.
· Optional flow regulator damper adjustable   without removing the diffuser core, features visual open/closed indication and includes built in end stops.
· Low pressure drop core/damper assembly design.
· Architecturally pleasing face design complements contemporary decor.
· Lies flush with trim ring flange, with or without damper.
· Rugged trim ring design secures carpet and prevents edges fraying.