Unifloor Overview

The Raised Floor specialist

30 years of experience and a leading position in the market!

Founded in 1984, We are is today, one of the biggest player in the raised floor market. Established in New Delhi, India, where we are still based, our supply chain has plants extending over more than 60,000 m² excluding warehousing.

Combining advanced technology and efficiency

Unifloor designs, manufactures and installs raised floor from everyday use range to world’s most heavy duty panels for its specialized requirements, thanks to our high-performance production plant and Research & Development unit. In addition, we put our engineering expertise into practice by offering customized solutions and additional services with high added value like training, after-sales service, spare parts.

Whatever the reliability is needed for the purpose of the raised floors, a commitment to quality is guaranteed by an ISO 9001 certification, ensuring on-time delivery and high-performance for all products.

This technological expertise combined with high-tech manufacturing procedures give Unifloor the necessary skills to master the design phase of all products, including those intended for sensitive areas.

Our expert sales & engineering staff play an active role defining specific solutions that fit your building’s requirements for sustainability. We provide resilient interior fit-out solutions for office buildings, universities, data centers, casinos & libraries. We manufacture products that last the lifetime of the building as they deliver flexible solutions that adapt to changing tenant & occupant needs.

What sets us apart


We’ve been at the front of the innovation curve since our inception; always looking for the newest and most effective ways to serve our customers and industry.

Great People

Our people are our advantage; experienced, honest, smart, dedicated and unquestionably service-oriented. We get to know you, and become part of your team.


We make safety a priority, regularly achieving world-class safety ratings.


We deliver complete and accurate design and pricing information from the start.


We coordinate design and construction schedules and utilize value engineering to optimize time and reduce cost.


We’ve been there – and will be there – with the financial and corporate backing required to ensure long-term relationships and success